finance & administration
interim management

Rex van der Heide (1971)

After I majord in business economics at the HES in Rotterdam I fulfilled several positions in Finance & Control. For 4 years I worked as an interim-controller for Eiffel, where I graduated post-hbo HOFAM at Nivé. After 1,5 years as a business unit controller at DHL Exel Supply Chain in 2007 I took the step to start my own buisine4ss together with my brother Charles: Real Figures.

My experience comes in a wide range of businesses: transport, production, insurance, real estate, lease, pharma, semi government and trade). I had positions on several levels, e.g. controller, finance manager or project executive.

Rex: ‘My added value can be found in both my technical knowledge and in the way of dealing with business issues: clarity in communication, focused on results, enthusiasm and a long term approach. Basic principle: “what is the client’s interest?”
Furthermore I am direct, integer and flexible.

As a member of Real Figures I executed several projects for DHL (interim controller), Roelofs food centre (management information and annual accounts), GGD Nijmegen (projects for Finance en P&O) and Pamgene (interim controller). At the moment I fulfill a position as interim controller at NBC in Wageningen.‘




Rex van der Heiderex