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After the financial accounts are taken care of, we’ll work on the aspect of control within your company. The role of controller consists of various parts. Besides the daily tasks, often administrative activities and ad hoc reports, the analyzing-, controlling-, and initiating actions also need to be fulfilled. This is commonly overlooked.
Real Figures provides your company with the instruments to realize these tasks. We also aid you in implementing these instruments. Through the development of management information, KPI reports and Analysis tools, as well as providing you with insight in your company processes, we supply the necessary control to make timely changes. The long term as principle and control, not as a goal in itself but as a means for you to attain the targets of your business.
In this fashion we have developed for, and together with our customers, the following:

  • Customer analysis model for an international manufacturer of clothes;
  • Management / KPI reporting and supporting of a business;
  • ”Standenregister”  salaries of the GGD of a major city;

When the control instruments have been determined and introduced, fresh insight in the organization’s performance can be realized. It may become apparent that some customers are not profitable, or that some services lose money where others make a lot.

Such insights prompt action. Action which we deal with through projects.


Charles van der Heide (1965) lives in Capelle aan den IJssel and works for clients in: Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Amsterdam and surroundings. >>

Rex van der Heide (1971) lives in Oeffelt, near Nijmegen. His practice area is Nijmegen, Arnhem, Venlo, Den Bosch, Tiel. >>