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Financial accounts are not only legally mandatory, but they are also the foundation of qualitative information. All processes of an organization are expressed in terms of money.
Our experience has shown that this foundation can often be greatly improved upon by straightening out such problems as backlogs, the inaccurate booking of transactions, inefficiency, and incomplete booking.
We will help you improve the foundation of your qualitative information. Our key points are: clarity and simplicity. Resulting in your administration being able to serve as the foundation of your management information.

An example of clarity and simplicity: the accounts of an independent business do not have to be unnecessarily complicated. To this end we have developed a simple business model for entering the invoices and receipts into the books. The model also provides information as a simple operating income staement, cash flow statement, as well as an Income Tax Statement.
This business model is freely available to our clients.

“Your Administration is the mirror of our organization.”

When the foundation is laid, we can start working on the next step: Control.


Charles van der Heide (1965) lives in Capelle aan den IJssel and works for clients in: Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Amsterdam and surroundings. >>

Rex van der Heide (1971) lives in Oeffelt, near Nijmegen. His practice area is Nijmegen, Arnhem, Venlo, Den Bosch, Tiel. >>