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Real Figures Canballs

Real Figures developed a game: ‘Real Figures Canballs’. With this game we want to tell you how we work and what we stand for. In this box you will find 6 Canballs-cans and 3 Real Figures-balls.

We mentioned 5 words on the cans: Complexity, Secrecy, Waste, Chasing transactions, Double Work and ‘...’.  These words stand for phenomena we frequently encounter in our daily practice. Feel free to fill in a word that you want to throw at on can with the ‘ . . . . ‘.

Wouldn’t it be good if your financial organization is ‘simple’, ‘clear ’ and ‘lean’ ?
A financial organization that gives you clear and simple insight in what is really going on in your organization? An organization in which processes are ‘flowing’.

How to play Canballs
Take the orange balls, throw at the Cans and make your financial organization ‘lean’.
You are throwing with the 3 basic principles of Real Figures: ‘Simplicity’, ‘Clarity’ and ‘Lean’.

Our advice for a good ‘result’:
1) Aim well
2) Don’t be afraid of some noise
3) Throw with all your heart

Would you like to receive this game?
Please contact us if you want to receive this unique game for free.


Charles van der Heide (1965) lives in Capelle aan den IJssel and works for clients in: Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Amsterdam and surroundings. >>

Rex van der Heide (1971) lives in Oeffelt, near Nijmegen. His practice area is Nijmegen, Arnhem, Venlo, Den Bosch, Tiel. >>