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Workshop "real control"

On November 20 2007, Charles van der Heide organized a workshop on ‘Real Control’. In this workshop the theme "in Control" will be exposed in from a complete different angle. After the huge scandals in the US, like Enron, a new law was brought into place. The so called Sarbanes & Oxley Act (SOX) is activated few years ago. All companies that are quoted on an American Stock Exchange must deliver a 'in control' statement each and every book year. The question is: "Is a company really in control"? And. What is 'real control'?

Charles van der Heide




Charles van der Heide (1965) lives in Capelle aan den IJssel and works for clients in: Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Amsterdam and surroundings. >>

Rex van der Heide (1971) lives in Oeffelt, near Nijmegen. His practice area is Nijmegen, Arnhem, Venlo, Den Bosch, Tiel. >>